18 Greatest Chocolate-Covered Strawberries Toppings

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Chocolate-covered strawberries are the ideal blend of elegance, simplicity, and delectability. They are a versatile dessert that complements practically any dinner and make an excellent between-meal snack. The wonderful thing about chocolate-covered strawberries is that they are not limiting, so you may mix a variety of components. So, what are the greatest chocolate-covered strawberry toppings?

Chocolate-covered strawberries complement coconut, dried fruits, chocolate, sprinkles, edible decorations, nuts, poppy seeds, cocoa powder, ganache, crushed M&Ms, crushed chocolate candies, crushed crackers, lavender, caramel sauce, sea salt, brownie crumbs, whipped cream, or coffee the best.

Chocolate-covered strawberries do not need to be topped since they are already coated in chocolate. But, it is always a good idea to experiment with and improve your recipes, as well as to strive for excellence in your culinary experiences. As a result, in the following text, I’ll provide some suggestions for what to put on your chocolate-covered strawberries, how to create them, and when to serve them.

What to Put on Chocolate-covered Strawberries

You may add whatever you want on your chocolate-covered strawberries. Here are some suggestions to help you narrow down your options. Feel free to mix and match; nothing is off-limits.


Roll your chocolate-covered strawberries in coconut flakes to enhance the strawberry taste and give your dessert an exotic smell. The tart and sweet freshness of the strawberries will be amplified by the coconut and chocolate.

Dried Fruit

Topping one fruit with another may seem counterintuitive, but once you taste it, you’ll understand why. Pick whichever dried fruit you choose, although I recommend dried figs, raisins, or cranberries. Cut the fruit into small pieces and stack it with the chocolate-covered strawberries; you won’t be sorry.


Whether you like chocolate, rainbow, or other sprinkles, they will enhance and decorate your chocolate-covered strawberries beautifully. They will change the taste by making it sweeter and more sugary, but they will also add crunch to your dessert, making it as fun as it is enticing.

Edible Decorations

There are several culinary decorations available. You may add everything from pearls to ornamental foliage to flowers to adorn your chocolate-covered strawberries. These will make them tastier and more appealing, particularly if you have a special event or celebration.

Different Kinds of Nuts

It would be unfair to exclude almonds from this list since they go so well with chocolate-covered strawberries. Smash some nuts, such as almonds, hazelnuts, Brazilian nuts, or whatever nuts you want, and wrap the strawberries in them.

Poppy Seeds 

Poppy seeds often underutilized in desserts, which is a pity since they are a fantastic ingredient. Enjoy the gritty texture of your dessert by rolling your chocolate-covered strawberries in poppy seeds. They also explode as you eat them, which adds to the enjoyment.

Poppy seeds are high in nutrients, therefore they are not only enjoyable to eat but also helpful.

Cocoa Powder 

The sharpness of the cocoa powder complements the sweetness of the chocolate and the freshness of the strawberries wonderfully. Since these three components are compatible, cocoa powder would be an excellent addition.


The silky and refined ganache will enhance and elevate your chocolate-covered strawberries in ways you never imagined possible. The exterior creaminess of the ganache will be the ideal complement to the sweet sourness of the strawberries, which will be united with the chocolate in the center.

Crushed M&Ms 

If you want to have fun with your meal, the colorful crunchiness of the M&Ms and the sweet sourness of the strawberry, supplemented with the chocolate in the centre, is a slam dunk.

Different Kinds of Chocolate 

There is no such thing as too much chocolate, so go ahead and add another coating of chocolate to your chocolate-covered strawberries. Chocolate shavings of a different kind of chocolate on top of the chocolate layer, this may be your path to paradise. To get the greatest results, blend two contrasting tastes.

Crushed Chocolate Candies 

Certain fruity or nutty chocolate treats may enhance the chocolate taste of your chocolate-covered strawberries and heighten their sourness. This combination is the embodiment of the adage “opposites attract,” since both completely contrasting tastes will result in a beautiful mash. They will not be balanced, but rather the polar opposite; both will be vivid and obvious.

Crushed Crackers 

Crushed crackers will finish out your fruity and chocolate dessert, softening the tastes and bringing everything together. The crackers have the right rich texture, with crunch on the first bite and chewiness following.


Adding lavender to your chocolate-covered strawberries might be just what they need. Your dessert will be visually appealing and taste like a spring day. The fragrant perfume of lavender and its subtle sweetness complement fruity treats like this one indescribably.

Caramel Sauce

Caramel on top of chocolate is as good as it gets, but caramel on top of chocolate on strawberries is out of this world. The gentle sugariness of the caramel will balance out the chocolate taste and provide some silkiness to your dish. All of this, wrapped in nuts, will result in a magnificent dessert and an unforgettable experience.

Sea Salt 

As odd as it may seem, sea salt is already used in the preparation of desserts. Salt is not just used in savory recipes, but also in sweet ones. Applying salt will enhance the tastes of your chocolate-covered strawberries. A small coating of salt will do an excellent job.

Brownie Crumbs

Since brownies are soft and chewy, they will impart that quality to the chocolate-covered strawberries. The brownie crumbs will not add crispness to your strawberry dessert, but will make it softer, richer, and more edgy.

Whipped Cream 

What’s better than strawberries and whipped cream? Chocolate-covered strawberries and whipped cream. In a matter of seconds, that juicy scoop of whipped cream on top of the chocolate will transform it into a creamy, silky, smooth, and very delightful treat.


Coffee has developed a reputation for itself as a dessert ingredient. Coffee is used in many cakes and sweets, and chocolate-covered strawberries are no exception. A thin, uniform coating of coffee on top of your chocolate-covered strawberry will make all the difference.

The bitter flavor and velvety texture of the coffee will complement the chocolate-covered strawberries, creating a well-balanced mix of sweet, sour, and bitter.

How to Make Chocolate-covered Strawberries?

One of the many appealing aspects of chocolate-covered strawberries is their ease of preparation. You’ll only need two ingredients: chocolate and strawberries, as well as some basic kitchen tools like a saucepan, a fire-proof dish, a spoon, a topping of your choice, and some basic cooking abilities.

A bar and a half of high-quality chocolate or a bag of fine chocolate chips is required for one pound of chocolate-covered strawberries. Check that your strawberries are huge and smooth all around.

First and first, thoroughly clean and dry the strawberries. For this to work, the strawberries must be completely dry. The chocolate will not attach to them if they are damp.

If you are using barred chocolate, set away half of the bar, and if you are using chocolate chips, set aside two teaspoons of chips.

Fill the kettle halfway with water and bring it to a boil. Put the fire-proof dish over the saucepan and place the chocolate inside. The chocolate will immediately begin to melt, so use the spoon to continually stir it.

After the chocolate has melted, remove the dish from the heat and set the chocolate aside. Tempering is a highly practical and vital operation for balancing out the melted chocolate so that it ends out creamy rather than watery. Tempering chocolate helps the chocolate retain its form and stay longer.

Begin by dipped the strawberries in the chocolate. You may eat them with your hands or a fork. Make certain that your strawberry stays intact.

After dipping the strawberries in chocolate, let them aside for ten minutes to allow the chocolate to firm before rolling them in whichever topping you choose.

Can You Make Chocolate-covered Strawberries the Day Before?

Chocolate-covered strawberries may be prepared ahead of time, but they taste best when consumed the same day.

If you prepare them the day before, keep them in the fridge, uncovered. Chocolate-covered strawberries should never be frozen because they absorb moisture from the chocolate and become watery.

You may store them in the fridge for one to two days before they lose moisture and the chocolate begins to peel off.

What Spices Go With Chocolate-covered Strawberries?

While strawberries have a powerful taste, there is no need to spice them up. Yet, there are spices that may be used with strawberries.

Green herbs that go well with strawberries include mint, coriander, tarragon, fennel, basil, dill, and rosemary. Vanilla spice and chile may also be used to season your strawberries.

How Can You Improve the Flavor of Your Strawberries?

Keeping the green half of your strawberries is one of the finest methods to boost their flavor. Cutting off the green half can cause your strawberries to spoil faster than they would otherwise. In addition, the green component keeps them fresh, and they taste better together.

Sprinkle the strawberries with sugar and a touch of salt. Let the strawberries to soak in the sugar for ten minutes before eating them. Strawberry jam will be the flavor of your strawberries.

Coat the strawberries with chocolate sauce. These will be comparable to chocolate-covered strawberries, but fresher and less sweet.

Put some black pepper on your strawberries if you want them to taste like candy.

Balsamic vinegar is another option, but the outcome is extremely distinct, and you will either love it or detest it. It is, nevertheless, worth a shot. Just drizzle a little balsamic vinegar or cream over your strawberries and let them for 10 minutes.


What toppings go good on chocolate covered strawberries?

Chocolate-covered strawberry toppings include:
Nuts, chopped (peanuts, pistachios, pecans, etc.)
Coconut that has been toasted.
Chocolate chips, mini (any flavor)
Crust from a graham cracker.
Oreo cookie crumbs.
White chocolate has been melted.
Candy canes that have been crushed.
May 19, 2020

What toppings for strawberries?

Strawberry taste may be enhanced with extra nutritional toppings to make a healthy snack, side dish, or dessert.
Yogurt. Slice fresh strawberries and serve with plain, low-fat yogurt. Strawberry Chopped Nuts give vitamin E, fiber, and protein…. Balsamic Vinegar…. Dark Chocolate.

What will chocolate covered strawberries not stick to?

Next, line a baking sheet with wax or parchment paper (wax paper has more of a nonstick surface, which is preferred, but parchment will do in a pinch). Place the dipped chocolate strawberries on top of the prepared dish, allowing some space between each one.

What to decorate strawberries with?

How to Make Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries
Chocolate chips, mini.
Sandwich cookies with crushed chocolate.
Pretzels that have been crushed.
Nuts, chopped.
Candy in a different hue Candy or chocolate is melted.
Jan 26, 2022

Should strawberries be cold before dipping in chocolate?

Since strawberries are 90% water, it is quite difficult. Use room temperature strawberries instead of extremely cold strawberries. Put them in a chilly spot rather than the refrigerator for an even better outcome.

What toppings go well with chocolate?

Toppings for your personalized hot chocolate bar:
small marshmallows or marshmallows!
toffee pieces.
sea salt that is gritty.
Chocolate chips in the form of minis.
Crushed peppermints, candy canes, or soft peppermint sticks are all options.
Whoppers are cinnamon sticks.
Truffles made of milk chocolate.
•12th of December, 2016

Can you make chocolate dipped strawberries the day before?

Chocolate coated strawberries are finest the day they are made. If you’re short on time, you may make them a day ahead of time. Just place in an airtight jar in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours.

What nibbles on my strawberries?

Pests such as slugs, snails, earwigs, and aphids are all frequent. To attract and drown slugs and snails, bury a small dish of beer near the strawberries.

Do you refrigerate chocolate covered strawberries after you make them?

If you want to keep your chocolate-covered strawberries for longer than a day, they must be refrigerated. Sadly, this means they will perspire somewhat. Place a couple of sheets of paper towels in the bottom of an airtight container to reduce perspiration.

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