16 Diabetic Coffee Creamers [Powdered, Liquid, and Pods]

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Diabetes patients must avoid a variety of foods, with sugar being one of the most important. Regrettably, it is often found in the creamer that many people add to their coffee. So, how does a diabetic patient deal with this problem? What sugar-free coffee creamers are available for diabetics?

Kitu Super, Nutpods Coffee Creamers, Splenda, Nestle, Califia Farms, Walden Farms, and other sugar-free coffee creamer brands are available to diabetes people. These items are available in a variety of tastes, packaging, and sizes.

In this post, we’ll look at several diabetic-friendly coffee creamers. We’ll go examine their flavor, texture, health effect, and so on to see which ones are the best to utilize.

List of the Best Coffee Creamers for Diabetics

Let’s explore which creamers are both yummy and diabetic-friendly.

Kitu Super Coffee Creamer

SUNNIVA SUPER COFFEEs Kitu Super coffee creamer is first on the list. The name alone indicates that this product is intended to be keto-friendly. This product is unique in that it has three different taste characteristics in a single packaging.

Kitu Super Coffee Creamer offers roughly 40 calories per serving. This may surprise you since it is higher than most sugar-free coffee creamers. But, the calories in this recipe are derived from fatty acids rather than sugar. In fact, there is no added sugar in this coffee creamer. Instead, monk fruit extract provides the sweetness.

Sweet Cream, Caramel, and Vanilla are the three flavors available. You may only sample one taste at a time. You may also mix and combine the three options to your desire. It has a beautiful, thick consistency, which results in a rich, creamy coffee.

The only significant disadvantage of this product is its high price in comparison to other comparable items on the market. Also, the high calorie levels may not be acceptable for persons who want to limit their calorie consumption in general, not just sugar.

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Nutpods Dairy-Free Unsweetened Coffee Creamer (Oat Creamer)

This is a coffee creamer that is suitable for a broad range of restricted diets. Nutpods Unsweetened Coffee Creamer is devoid of dairy, soy, gluten, nuts, and lactose, in addition to having no added sugar. It also contains no sugar replacements since it is an unsweetened product.

This enables the natural flavors of the almond and coconut milk, as well as a slight note of French vanilla, to shine through. This is one of the few non-dairy coffee creamers that froths readily when mixed into coffee.

Nutpods Oat Creamer has 10 calories and 1 gram of fat per serving. A single carton contains around 22 servings.

The absence of a robust French vanilla flavor is the creamer’s main drawback. People seeking to drastically improve the flavor of their coffee may be disappointed with the ultimate result.

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Omega Power-Creamer

PowerCreamers keto-friendly solution is for you if you want to enjoy a sugar-free coffee creamer without sacrificing the richness of your drink. This product’s calories are derived from grass-fed ghee (clarified butter), ensuring a rich and creamy cup of joe.

This product is low in carbohydrates yet rich in beneficial fats. This may help you lose weight without having to give up coffee. It is also lactose, gluten, and casein free (milk protein). This is perfect for persons on the keto diet, which is one of the most popular alternative diets for diabetics.

This creamer is available in three flavors: cacao, cinnamon roll, and vanilla. Since a large portion of its composition is fat, the energy given by this creamer will more than suffice for the day.

This is the first creamer we’ve explored that isn’t dairy-free. Ghee is, after all, highly refined milk fat. This might be a difficulty for diabetics who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet.

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EQUAL Café Coffee Creamers

Being diabetic does not preclude you from enjoying delectably thick and creamy coffee. And Equals’ coffee creamer variety is here to guarantee that your morning cup is brimming with taste. There are four distinct tastes. Chocolate mocha, macchiato, hazelnut, and traditional French vanilla are all options.

This is a coffee creamer in a convenient compact pack. Therefore you can carry the creamer with you on excursions or treks and still enjoy its tastes in your coffee. Equal assures that their product has no added sugar, making it excellent for diabetics. This creamer has just 10 calories per serving.

The little bottles make it so easy to transport them. But, it also implies that you will complete them considerably faster. If you like the taste of its flavors and the creaminess it delivers, it is preferable to purchase multiple bottles at once.

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Walden Farms Sugar-Free Sweet Cream Coffee Creamer

Walden Farms natural coffee creamer is a tasty, organic alternative to traditional coffee creamers. It has no added sugar. Sucralose, a sugar replacement, is used as its foundation instead. Sucralose produces a sweet taste in the mouth but is not metabolized by the body. As a result, it has no effect on your blood sugar level.

This product is non-dairy, making it usable for people suffering from lactose intolerance. It has extremely little calories, making it ideal for weight reduction programs. Despite these restrictions, it manages to deliver a delicious punch and a pleasant scent. It comes in a 12 oz container of liquid form.

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PRYMAL Coffee Creamer

In terms of taste variety, our next option outperforms the rest of the pack. PRYMALs non-dairy, keto-friendly coffee creamers come in a variety of flavors. Yet the majority of them aren’t tastes you’d normally associate with coffee.

You have their well-known peppermint creamer. You also have a pumpkin spice taste that is perfect for the winter. You may also get their caramel dolce and butter pecan packets. Thus, if you’re looking for something fresh and intriguing, try one of PRYMAL’s distinctive coffee creamers.

These creamers are available in powder form in 12 ounce packs. Each box has about 32 servings, with each serving containing 45 calories. Sugar provides none of the calories. It is non-dairy, soy-free, and gluten-free.

It contains artificial sweeteners, which may take some getting accustomed to.

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SPLENDA Single Serve Coffee Creamer Cups

Although most people connect Splenda with sweeteners and sugar alternatives, the company also has its own coffee creamer brand. The creamer, like its sugar replacements, is based on sucralose. This coffee mate will provide you with the sweetness of life without the trouble of refined sugar.

Apart from the zero-sugar policy, a single serving of Splenda coffee creamer has around 15 calories. The calorie comes from the fat, which also adds creaminess. Nonetheless, the fat in this recipe is trans-free.

This creamer is available in a single carton with 180 individually wrapped pieces. They do not need to be refrigerated. It is a liquid creamer that makes coffee thicker and richer.

Although Splenda has several nutritional advantages, it lacks in the variety department. These only come in French vanilla taste. This product has also been reported to have an unpleasant aftertaste by some users.

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Laird Superfood Coffee Creamer Unsweetened

Laird Superfoods natural coffee creamer is a non-dairy, unsweetened product. Furthermore, like PRYMAL, their unconventional tastes provide a really unique experience for coffee enthusiasts. Turmeric isn’t the first taste that comes to mind when you think of a coffee creamer, but that’s exactly what you get with this brand.

This is a powdered coffee creamer made from plants. It contains aquamin, a mineral generated from algae, as an unique component.

These items are available in 8-ounce and 16-ounce resealable packs. A 16-ounce bag yields a total of 227 servings. Each serving has no added sugar and just approximately 10 calories. Besides from turmeric, their flavors include pumpkin spice, vanilla, chocolate mint, and cacao.

Although their product has no additives, the powder may clump within the bag. This is not a major concern since the clumps may be removed by gently shaking or massaging the pack.

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Califia Farms Hazelnut Better Half Coffee Creamer

Following that is another plant-based cream powder. Califia Farms half and half is packaged in convenient containers. Pour the liquid into your cup to make a pleasant, aromatic, and delicious brew.

It comes in a 17 ounce pack, which is enough for 16 servings. A single serving has 15 calories and 1.5 grams of fat. Since none of the calories originate from sugar, it is rather safe for diabetics.

Califias coffee creamers are available in a range of tastes. You may choose from hazelnut, vanilla, cane sugar, and more flavors. But, if you want to eliminate any sugar, use their hazelnut or keto creamer. Each creamer has a base of coconut cream and almond milk. It includes monk fruit extract, which adds sweetness without adding sugar.

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Califia Farms Unsweetened Coffee Creamer (Almond Milk)

Another one of Califia’s unsweetened coffee creamers. This one is made entirely with almond milk. It has less sugar than its predecessor. A single serving of this creamer has around 5 calories, none of which are from sugar. It also has no soy, gluten, or lactose.

Despite the fact that it is unsweetened, this creamer has a lot of taste. It integrates smoothly into the brew to create a rich and thick mixture. If you like the flavor of almond and coconut cream, this decadent coffee creamer should be just up your alley.

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Coffee-Mate Coffee Creamer

When we think of coffee creamers, the first thing that springs to mind is probably Nestle’s collection of coffee mate products. And for good reason: their coffee creamers have become an industry standard. Fortunately, there are products that preserve the flavor while substantially decreasing the sugar.

Consider Nestles Sugar-Free Hazelnut Powder Coffee Creamer. This product has a total capacity of 58 servings. And each serving has just approximately 15 calories. Yet, it does not include any sugar. Instead, it adds artificial sugar and flavoring to create a sweet and nutty flavor.

Also, it is devoid of dairy and cholesterol. However some individuals may be put off by the artificial flavour.

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Nutpods French Vanilla Unsweetened Dairy-Free Liquid Coffee Creamer

Nutpods coffee creamer makes another appearance on this list. This time, it’s their French Vanilla blend that combines nicely with your daily coffee.

This product, like their prior offering, is unsweetened. One serving will only provide you with 10 calories.

It is a plant-based creamer that is devoid of lactose, dairy protein, soy, gluten, and other allergens. It does, however, contain almonds, which persons with nut allergies should be aware of.

This product comes in a convenient packaging. It has a long shelf life. And you don’t have to keep it refrigerated all the time. While the overall taste and scent may not be strong enough for some, it is well-balanced enough to satisfy any diabetic patient seeking a proper coffee creamer.

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Nutpods Caramel Almond + Coconut Creamer

Nutpods is the last item on our list. This business understands how to make sugar coffee creamers taste delicious. It’s their caramel almond and coconut creamer this time.

The name may lead you to believe that this is high in calories. But reconsider, since this food has just 10 calories per serving. It is appropriate for persons on a keto diet, those allergic to soy, those who are lactose intolerant, and diabetics.

The caramel taste is not overpowering, but it is there. It creates a rich, silky texture. It also does not clump like a lot of other creamers. This one, like all of their past offerings, is organically flavored. As a result, you don’t have to be concerned about too many artificial flavors and additives.

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Blue Diamond Unsweetened Almond Milk Creamer

Blue Diamonds unsweetened almond milk creamer is delicious, simple to use, and easy to keep. They are available in 32 oz or 64 oz cartons. It is a creamer with a liquid basis.

The superb flavor of this product is its key selling point. Blue Diamonds creamer makes a delightful cup of coffee by combining almond milk, almond oil, sunflower lecithin, dipotassium phosphate, and natural flavors.

The disadvantage of the improved flavor is that it is relatively heavy in calories. A single serving contains up to 30 calories. This may not be appropriate for diabetes people who are simultaneously trying to lose weight.

Nevertheless, none of the calories are from sugar. It is also lactose and soy free.

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Oregon Chai Sugar-Free Chai Tea Latte Concentrate

This is not, technically, a creamer. It’s more of a creamer replacement. But, if you are diabetic, you may simply substitute it with conventional coffee creamers. Since this concentrate is not only sugar-free, but it is also calorie-free.

The tastes are derived from tea extract and vanilla extract, and it is sweetened using artificial sweeteners, namely sucralose.

Oregon Chai features a wide range of tea and comparable beverage goods. But, for diabetics, their sugar-free variant is an excellent choice.

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Catching Ketones Keto Coffee Creamer

Catching Ketones coffee creamer is our last addition on this list. This creamer was created with the keto diet in mind. A single serving of this powder-based food has roughly 40 calories, none of which are from sugar.

This creamer, like many of its contemporaries, gets its sweetness from monk-fruit extract. This imparts a sweet flavor without being overpowering. It is also devoid of soy, lactose, and gluten, in addition to sugar.

This product has a pleasant vanilla taste. It is available in powder form. As a result, you must store it correctly and keep the top completely closed. Otherwise, you would have clumped creamer in your coffee, which will make it too thick.

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Can Diabetics Use Creamers in Their Coffee?

Not all diabetics have the same dietary requirements. Moreover, not all sugar-free creamers are made equal. Diabetes patients will respond differently to the same product. Hence, just because a product is labeled as sugar-free or low calorie does not imply diabetics should eat it.

This is why, if you have diabetes, it is critical that you stay educated about your health and make an informed decision.

Here are some things to think about before attempting any of the proposals on this list. Note that, as with any store-bought food, it is advisable to check the labels and nutritional information before purchasing.

Amount of Sugar and Calories

Contrary to popular belief, sugar and calories are not synonymous. Those with diabetes should avoid consuming sugar. They still need food to function in life. Thus the crucial element is where the sugar comes from.

Some diabetics may consume a little quantity of sugar without experiencing any negative affects. Others may be forced to shun it completely. And some folks must reduce both sugar and calories at the same time. Consult your doctor about your daily calorie and sugar restriction, and then purchase the creamer appropriately.

Go with The Dairy-Free Option

Lactose, a carbohydrate found in milk, impacts your body’s glucose levels. Hence, even if a food has no added sugar and plenty of dairy, it may still have a harmful influence on a diabetic. Also, lactose intolerance is more frequent than not. Thus, the next time you go shopping for coffee creamer, choose a non-dairy one.

Liquid Vs. Powder

You’ll note that some of the recommendations are liquid, while others are in the shape of a powder. Powder creamers have a lighter and thinner consistency and color than liquid creamers. They also tend to cluster together within the container.

Nevertheless, powder creamers have a longer shelf life. Most liquid creamers will keep in the refrigerator for about a week or two. Nonetheless, powder creamer may be stored for months without being refrigerated.

Is Sugar-Free Coffee Creamer Okay for Diabetics?

Diabetics who want their coffee to be creamy must use sugar-free coffee creamers. As previously said, not all sugar-free coffee creamers are created equal. Some may include substances that are nevertheless harmful to the health of diabetes individuals.

Yet, if you are a diabetic coffee enthusiast, chances are you will discover one sugar coffee creamer that exactly meets your demands.

Is Super Creamer Good for Diabetics?

Super Creamer was intended for those who desired to stick to a keto diet. Yet, since the keto diet substantially limits carbohydrate consumption, it has also gained popularity among diabetes patients. As a result, Super Creamer may be beneficial to diabetic individuals.

But, as we have often said, you should read the nutritional information on the back to determine if the Super Creamer is suitable for your dietary requirements.

What Is the Safest Sweetener for Diabetics?

Stevia and Splenda are two of the most popular and safe sweeteners for diabetes. Splenda uses sucralose, an artificial sweetener made in a lab, while Stevia is a natural sweetener extracted from a plant.

With diabetes becoming increasingly common throughout the globe, the need for sugar replacements is only increasing.

To summarize, diabetics lose out on many of life’s nicer elements. However, with the availability of high-quality, sugar-free coffee creamers, they, too, can indulge in their passion for coffee without sacrificing flavor.


What is the healthiest coffee creamer for a diabetic?

What sort of creamer can diabetics consume?
Unsweetened Silk Extra Creamy Almond Milk.
The Almond Breeze Almond milk with an extra creamy texture.
Silk Creamy Unsweetened Cashew Milk.
Ripple’s first plant-based half-and-half.
Califia Farms Almond Milk Creamer, Plain or Flavored.
Better Half Unsweetened by Califia Farms.
Additional details…•November 7, 2022

Can diabetics have powdered creamer?

Carbohydrates are turned to sugar once they are consumed, which boosts your calorie intake while also raising your blood sugar levels. Diabetics should avoid anything heavy in carbs, even their creamers.

What creamer does not spike insulin?

“Elmhurst Unsweetened Oat Creamer has just 10 calories and no sugar.” With just 1 gram of carbohydrates per serving, including this creamer into your coffee is unlikely to cause a blood sugar surge while providing you with a satisfyingly creamy cup of your favorite brew.

Is zero sugar creamer good for diabetics?

Coffee with sugar-free creamers may still elevate your blood glucose levels. They often include substances derived from artificial sweeteners, which might result in a surge in blood sugar levels. Before selecting what’s safe to include in her dietary plan, talk with your dietician and medical care provider.

What can diabetics put in their coffee?

If you have diabetes, an excellent starting point is black (unsweetened) coffee. Next, if desired, add a tiny bit of: Sweetener: Most diabetics should adhere to a little quantity of normal sugar or a natural substitute with a low glycemic index.

What is the best milk with coffee for diabetics?

Unsweetened flax milk has just 1.02g of carbs, making it an excellent choice for diabetics. Flaxseed milk is a heart-healthy alternative to cow’s milk since it has neither lactose or cholesterol.

What coffee creamer is the lowest in sugar?

Its shelf-stable nature makes it an excellent choice for individuals seeking for a sugar substitute on the move!
PRYMAL Sugar Free Coffee Creamer. Coffee Mate Sugar Free Coffee Creamer. Happy Belly Powdered Nondairy French Vanilla Coffee Creamer – Sugar Free. SPLENDA Low Calorie Single Serving Coffee Creamer Cups.
Additional details…•February 28, 2023

Does powdered coffee creamer raise blood sugar?

If you have diabetes and are keeping an eye on your blood glucose levels, you should be cautious about adding sugar and creamer to your coffee. Both of these things have the potential to raise your blood sugar level. When calculating your daily carbohydrate needs, include the carbohydrate content of any creamer you consume.

What coffee creamers have no sugar?

Super Creamer is the best zero-sugar coffee creamer. Several of the top zero-sugar coffee creamers have been developed to address the demands of those following low-carb diets like as keto and paleo…. nutpods…. Califia Farms…. Laird Superfood…. Peak Performance Collagen Creamer.
May 10, 2022

Is coffee creamer bad for type 2 diabetes?

It is important to remember that coffee with sugar or creamer might cause blood sugar levels to rise. The healthiest method for a diabetic to consume coffee is black or with a natural alternative sweetener.

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