11 Best Lemon Pepper Seasoning Brands & Products

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Lemon pepper flavor is a delicious and welcome complement to a variety of recipes. Made with dried lemon zest and salt and pepper, you may not realize how much your recipe need this spice until you use it. To choose the finest lemon pepper seasoning, consider the quality, pricing, and durability. So, what are the greatest brands of lemon pepper seasoning?

Excellent lemon pepper mixes include McCormick Perfect Pinch Lemon Pepper Seasoning, Kinders Organic Cracked Pepper and Lemon Seasoning, Amazon Brand Happy Belly Lemon Pepper, Lawrys Lemon Pepper Seasoning, Simply Organic Lemon Pepper, and a few more.

Making your own lemon pepper seasoning isn’t difficult, so you may create it whenever you want. You will, however, need to perform some drying, measuring, and mixing, which may take some time. As a result, in the following paragraphs, I will describe the top lemon pepper seasoning brands that you can purchase online in order to optimize your pleasure and make the most of your lemon pepper seasoning.

McCormick Perfect Pinch Lemon Pepper Seasoning

11 Best Lemon Pepper Seasoning Brands & Products

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This lemon pepper spice, listed as an Amazon Choice, is said to be not too flavorful but also not too light.If you want a strong lemon pepper flavor that dominates the meal, this is not the recipe for you since you would have to add a lot of it to please your taste buds.

However, since many people say the taste intensity is exactly perfect, you should give it a go. I suggest rubbing this mix into the meat before cooking it, as it will soak readily and bring a beautiful taste to the meal.

Kinder’s Organic Cracked Pepper and Lemon Seasoning

11 Best Lemon Pepper Seasoning Brands & Products

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This lemon pepper spice combination is described as organic with no artificial components and will undoubtedly meet your flavor and price needs.When compared to other lemon pepper spice mixes, it has a stronger and more powerful flavor and scent, but not in a manner that overpowers the food, but rather brings out the flavors that are already there.

It’s ideal for roast meat, veggies, and salads. similar mix has a broader use than other blends of similar sort, which are good for meat but not so good for vegetables and salads.

Amazon Brand – Happy Belly Lemon Pepper 

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A very happy tummy! The pepper and citrus tastes are the most prominent in this combination, with the lemon taking a second seat. This lemon pepper spice combination is softer than some other blends, and it has a distinct citrus smell, although the lemon is subdued.

This mix is temporarily out of stock, and for good reason: people keep ordering it because they can’t get enough of it.

Because it has a more refined flavor, this spice mix is ideal for salads and vegetables; but, if you want to use it on meat, it may not work as well as you would like.

McCormick Lemon & Pepper Seasoning 

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Here’s another lemon pepper spice from the same manufacturer as the previous one on this list.This mix is advertised and customer-confirmed as kosher and vegan, and it contains no animal-derived ingredients, which is why it is popular among many groups.

This lemon and pepper seasoning combination excels in seafood and meat seasoning but is also great for roast vegetables and salads. You may spread this spice mix on the meal you wish to season before cooking it, or you can sprinkle it on after.

This combination is also ideal for a low-salt diet, and many salt-lovers consider it as the greatest answer they have found for their salt limitation.

Lawry’s Lemon Pepper Seasoning

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This lemon pepper spice is well-balanced and offers all featured ingredients in modest levels, making it ideal for individuals who like lemon zest scented foods that are not overpowered by this flavor.Of course, if you like the taste of lemon zest, you can always add more of this mixture, but be cautious that it might get sticky.

This lemon pepper spice combination is very good on chicken wings, but it may also be used on other sorts of meat. It’s also said to have a natural flavor, and the salt content is appropriate if you’re watching your salt consumption.

Simply Organic Lemon Pepper

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This seasoning mix incorporates herbs and spices in addition to the essential elements lemon zest and pepper, and it is heavier on the pepper side when compared to other lemon pepper seasonings.

The flavor is best characterized as peppy and natural, and this mix is great for anything from chicken to seafood to tofu and other foods that can be grilled or grilled. However, if you purchase it online, you will have to pay more than if you bought it in a shop, and that option is seldom accessible.

Lawry’s Lemon Pepper 

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Second, this lemon pepper seasoning mix is a stronger variant of the one I mentioned previously from the same manufacturer on this list.Another distinction between this mix and the one we described before is that the former is more suited to grilled and roasted foods, and the latter is better suited to baked meat.

Furthermore, this combination works best with chicken; not that using it with other sorts of meat, such as shellfish or fish, would be a mistake, but chicken is its speciality. Furthermore, this lemon pepper spice made the list as a constant accessible product with a long-term clientele.

XQO Express Organic Lemon Pepper Seasoning and Rub 

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This lemon and pepper spice combination claims to be organic, kosher, and more fragrant and strong than other blends.It has a strong peppery and lemony taste with a citrus undertone. This combination is ideal for fish and seafood flavoring and is a great complement to a glaze.

However, this mix has been described as stale, leaving a bad aftertaste in the tongue. However, this is due to the method the mix was preserved rather than the blend itself. Still, this is something to consider before purchasing and utilizing it.

Frontier Seasoning Blends, Salt-Free Lemon Pepper

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This lemon pepper spice mix takes great pleasure in its all-natural lemon zest, which has been verified and claimed as kosher and non-GMO.The lemon taste is evident, giving this mix a fresh, almost fruity character.

Furthermore, this mix is salt-free, which is ideal for individuals on a low-salt diet. This product pairs very well with chicken and fish. The recipe is really good since the expressive and fresh lemon taste brings out the other flavors.

Another advantage is that this mix is often in stock and typically at a discounted price.

Trader Joe’s Lemon Pepper Seasoning Blend

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Because this lemon and pepper spice mix has a built-in grinder, the powdered seasoning is fresher and more delicious.This mix has a robust flavor with a characteristic pungent scent that will make your food even more remarkable. our mix has the broadest use of any on our list since it may be used in sauces, dips, marinades, and meat and vegetables.

However, this combination is believed to be more pepper than lemon, so if you like a more lemony taste or a balance of lemon and pepper flavors, you may want to reconsider. Nonetheless, it provides outstanding value for money, particularly because many pepper enthusiasts like the powerful pepper taste.

Mrs. Dash Lemon Pepper Salt-Free Seasoning

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The key component in this combination is oregano.With a powerful, peppery scent interwoven with the fresh citrus note and concluded with the herbal depth of oregano, this mixture is ideal for roast meat, seafood, and salads.

This spice mix is popular with folks on a low-sodium diet since it functions as a good salt alternative, adding flavor and edge to meals. Furthermore, it has been suggested as a heart-healthy alternative, making this lemon pepper combination even more popular.

Tone’s Lemon Pepper Blend 

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This kosher and universal combination will meet your needs for multifunctional lemon and pepper flavor.Customers see this spice as a combination that works on anything from chicken to fries to seafood and sauces, and it shines brightly with its trademark lemony and zesty taste, adding freshness and character to the dishes.

Even though the lemon zest taste is somewhat unusual in this mix, they have managed to balance everything out and make the best of the product.

Does Store Bought Lemon Pepper Seasoning Have Salt in It?

Because the original lemon pepper seasoning recipe, whether store-bought or handmade, contains salt, store-bought lemon pepper spice mixes with salt are available. There are, however, store-bought mixes that do not include salt and are designed for users who follow low or no sodium diets.

The combination of lemon zest and pepper piquancy is a superb salt alternative. It serves the same purpose as salt in that it brings out the current tastes while imprinting the meal with the distinct lemon and pepper flavor. As a result, the salt-free versions of the lemon and pepper spice mixes are popular salt substitutes.

How to Use Store-bought Lemon Pepper Seasoning?

Although it mixes two distinct flavors–lemon and pepper–when mixed, they tend to balance each other out, resulting in a pleasant combination with several uses.

The lemon and pepper spice combination is meant to be used as a rubbing seasoning, which means you season the meal with it before cooking it.This combination works well with roasted, broiled, or grilled foods. Chicken, fish, seafood, and vegetables all pair well with lemon and pepper spice, depending on the amount of lemon and pepper. Lemon pepper mixes are excellent for flavoring salads, cheese, and marinades.


What brand has the best lemon pepper?

When the salt granules are excessively coarse, the lemon pepper becomes unusable as a finishing spice. Lawry’s is the greatest brand in my view since it’s ground incredibly finely and the zest tastes pretty fresh.

What’s in Trader Joe’s lemon pepper seasoning?


Does McCormick lemon pepper have MSG?

McCormick Culinary Lemon & Pepper Seasoning Salt is culinary-grade, boosting dishes with a made-from-scratch, unique flavor that goes beyond standard salt and pepper. McCormick Culinary Lemon & Pepper Seasoning Salt is kosher and has no MSG.

Is lemon pepper seasoning heart healthy?

Lemon zest is abundant in vitamin C and fiber, which helps to keep the digestive tract healthy. Lemon pepper seasoning is also zero-calorie and has little to no sodium, making it a great spice combination for heart-healthy diets.

What is the shelf life of lemon pepper?

Lawry’s® Lemon Pepper Seasoning has a 540-day shelf life when firmly sealed and kept in a cold, dry area to prevent taste loss and moisture. To preserve taste and color, avoid heat, humidity, direct sunshine, and fluorescent lighting.

Why is lemon pepper seasoning so good?

Lemon pepper seasoning provides the principles of taste in a single spice combination, which may seem simple. Acidity, umami, salinity, and a hint of fire are flavor building components that lend depth to savory food.

What is the closest thing to lemon pepper seasoning?

Thyme, lemon

Lemon thyme, often known as citrus thyme, is a near alternative for lemon pepper. Any recipe will benefit from the herb’s fresh but rich taste. Use twice as much lemon thyme as your recipe calls for. To enhance the lemon pepper taste, combine lemon thyme with black pepper.

Does lemon pepper seasoning have MSG?

Durkee Lemon Pepper is MSG free.

Does Badia lemon pepper seasoning have MSG?

A: We appreciate your interest in Badia Spices. This product has no MSG.

What is the healthiest pepper seasoning?

CAYENNE PEPPER: In addition to adding a spicy sensation to your cuisine, fresh, dried, or powdered hot peppers may help accelerate metabolism and keep blood vessels healthy, owing to the presence of capsaicin.

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