10 Hershey’s Syrup in a Can Substitutes [Ultimate List]

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Everyone who has sampled Hershey’s chocolate syrup knows there is no turning back. Many can’t image having brownies or ice cream without drizzling Hershey’s syrup on top. Yet, it has recently become difficult to buy a can of this syrup in stores. This begs the question, what are the alternatives to Hershey’s syrup in a can?

Ghirardelli chocolate sauces, Torani sauces, carob syrup, balsamic glaze, molasses, maple syrup, melted dark chocolate, Nutella, and caramel sauce are some alternatives to Hershey’s syrup in a can. You can also manufacture your own chocolate syrup at home by combining cocoa, sugar, vanilla essence, water, and a pinch of salt.

Continue reading to learn when to utilize this substitution. In addition, I’m going to give the finest recipe for delicious handmade chocolate syrup that turns out perfectly every time!

10 Substitutes for Hershey’s Syrup in a Can

Ghirardelli Premium Chocolate Sauce

Ghirardelli is a company that enjoys making its customers happy. This time, they were successful with their Premium Chocolate Sauce, which was created specifically for sweetening coffee and sweets. Thus, if you want anything to replace the intense chocolate taste of Hershey’s syrup in a can, this may be it.

Torani Chocolate And Caramel Sauces

Totani will not disappoint you if you have a demanding tooth. These sauces are said to have the true coffeehouse taste. What I mean is that I can’t picture anything else flowing into my coffee latte.

Since I couldn’t determine which was the greatest, I listed three: dark chocolate, caramel, and white chocolate.

Maple Syrup

When you’re having a lousy pancake day, maple syrup is your best friend. I can’t think of a better way to top blueberry pancakes, waffles, or French toast.

While it is sweeter and lighter than chocolate, it worked great as a replacement when I ran out of Hershey’s chocolate syrup.

Balsamic Glaze

A Caprese salad is probably the first thing that springs to mind when someone mentions balsamic glaze. It makes sense given that both the balsamic glaze and the Caprese salad originated in Italy.

Less people are aware that balsamic glaze comes in a variety of tastes and is ideal for fruit desserts! The most well-known flavors of balsamic glaze include fig, blueberry, pomegranate, and cherry.

Some folks avoid baking entirely. They just wash the fruit and then pour this creamy sauce over it. Who says you have to eat chocolate? Chefs like this activity just as much as home cooks!


Did you know that the main component in brown sugar is molasses? So now you know. Molasses is a viscous material that is produced as a byproduct of sugarcane or sugar beet processing.

Since it contains significant levels of Vitamin B6, calcium, iron, manganese, and magnesium, molasses is healthier than highly processed sugars. Nonetheless, since it has a bold, strong taste, I would suggest using it sparingly.

It’s a terrific complement to fruit crisps and crumbles. It also complements barbecue marinade and pulled meat.

Carob Syrup

There are several reasons to experiment with carob syrup. Since it is a low-fat syrup, it is great for those looking for a sweet treat while on a diet. It has no gluten or caffeine. It includes calcium, which is necessary for bone health, as well as iron, which is required to keep the body’s oxygen levels stable.

Carob is a fantastic option for diabetics, and it is believed to improve athletic performance.

It works well with yogurt, cottage cheese, various types of pies, but it may also be used as a salad dressing or a marinade for pig.

Melted Dark Chocolate

Smooth, melted dark chocolate is so delicious you’ll want it for breakfast, lunch, and supper! Its sweetness and thickness are ideal; it’s similar to Hershey’s syrup in a can.

The microwave is the most convenient method to melt chocolate. Chop the chocolate into tiny pieces and place it in a microwave-safe basin. Microwave for one minute, then whisk the chocolate and microwave for another 30 seconds. Check to see whether it has melted, swirl it, and then microwave it for 30 seconds. Rep as many times as necessary.

The difficulty with melted chocolate is that it will harden and you will have to melt it again and again. That is an additional step. Moreover, no one enjoys a mess in the kitchen, and melted chocolate can certainly cause one if you have a room full of energetic youngsters.


Despite the fact that its ingredients vary per nation, Nutella remains the world’s most popular chocolate hazelnut spread.

To make it thick enough to match the consistency of chocolate syrup, combine two tablespoons of Nutella with two teaspoons of hot milk. Stir the mixture until it is smooth, dark, and thickened.

Nutella may be eaten with a spoon straight from the jar, but I like to spread it over pancakes, waffles, and anything else that calls for chocolate syrup.

Caramel Sauce

It is available in practically every grocery or may be made at home with three simple ingredients: sugar, butter, and cream. The ingredient list indicates that caramel and chocolate taste different, yet they are often replaced since they are used in many dishes together.

The component list also explains the buttery flavor of the sauce.

Moreover, although being somewhat thicker, the texture of chocolate syrup is almost identical to that of caramel sauce.

Caramel sauce is delicious over vanilla ice cream, ice coffee, and any apple treat.

Go for the salted caramel sauce if you want a more flavorful sauce. Despite the presence of salt, it has nothing to do with salty meals. Adding salt just increases the sweetness and taste.

Homemade Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup

If none of the mentioned replacements satisfy you, why not try making your own Hershey’s chocolate syrup? It’s simple and inexpensive!

Half a cup Hershey’s chocolate powder, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup water, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, and a sprinkle of salt are required. All of the ingredients (save the vanilla essence) were mixed together and let to boil while stirring. It should boil for one minute before being removed from the heat. It is now time to add the vanilla.

This is my favorite dish, and I guarantee you’ll like it!

To prepare chocolate syrup for coffee, combine 1 cup of water, 1 cup of sugar, 1 cup of cocoa powder, and a pinch of salt. Remove the liquid from the heat after the sugar has been completely dissolved. After it has cooled, stir in a teaspoon of vanilla essence. Syrup may be kept in the fridge for up to two weeks.

Can You Substitute Cocoa Powder for Chocolate Syrup? 

In most circumstances, chocolate syrup may be used in place of cocoa powder, however this depends on the recipe. For example, if you’re making a biscuit, use an equivalent amount of flour instead of cocoa. Additionally, pastries like tiramisu need chocolate on top rather than syrup.

Cocoa powder has a harsh flavor that is difficult to replace, thus using replacements is not advised. If you don’t have any other options, I recommend dark chocolate powder or melted dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa. One tablespoon cocoa powder may be replaced with two tablespoons melted chocolate.

Where Can You Buy Hershey’s Syrup in a Can? 

Hershey’s chocolate syrup was created in 1926. Who could have predicted that it would become the most adored chocolate sauce?

Regrettably, it is claimed that Hersheys chocolate syrup in a can is presently unavailable in stores. Thus, if you have an old can in the basement, treat it like gold.

But, Amazon provides one final ray of hope. You may get a 4-pack of chocolate syrup in a can here and wait for it to restock.

In the meanwhile, you may enjoy other Hersheys chocolate syrups, such as Authentic Chocolate Taste (similar to the one in a can) or Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup, which is ideal for people who like their coffee or snacks sugar-free.

Is Hershey Syrup in the Can the Same as in the Bottle?

Hershey syrup in a can has the same components as Hershey syrup in a bottle. Most individuals claim they can’t tell the difference. Some claim that they have a distinct consistency, while others claim that they are just nostalgic.

Nevertheless, handling and placing the can in the refrigerator might be challenging, particularly if it has been opened. The syrup must be extracted from the can with a spoon, which may be difficult at times. The bottle, on the other hand, has a nozzle that helps force the syrup out.

Also, syrup in a bottle is readily handled by children. As a result, the bottle is safer and leaves no mess.

Many like Hershey’s chocolate syrup in a can because it reminds them of their youth, and they save the cans to use as flower pots, ornamental packaging, or a container for cooking utensils.

One idea holds that the cans are disinfected and sealed in steam ovens to prevent spoilage. As a consequence, part of the sugars in the syrup caramelize, producing a flavor distinct from the syrup in the bottle. This is not the case with the bottle. Yet, then again, this is just a hypothesis.


What is a substitute for Hershey’s syrup?

Carob syrup, balsamic glaze, molasses, maple syrup, melted dark chocolate, Nutella, and caramel sauce are some alternatives to Hershey’s syrup in a can. You can also manufacture your own chocolate syrup at home by combining cocoa, sugar, vanilla essence, water, and a pinch of salt.

What happened to Hershey syrup in a can?

The Hershey’s Syrup Can was phased out in 2016 as part of a strategic initiative to improve the packaging of numerous classic Hershey products. According to a press release, the can has been a part of the legendary brand since its inception in 1957, making it over sixty years old.

Do they make Hershey syrup in a can?

Indeed, syrup tastes better in cans, and the handy yellow plastic top and brown can will be missed. These are the same cans that we would purchase off the shelf. The order came fast and in excellent condition. No dents in any of the cans.

Do they still make chocolate syrup in a can?

Sadly, cans of Hershey’s Syrup are no longer available. Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup is still available in a number of formats, including bottles and squeeze bottles, however the canned version is no longer available.

What can be a substitute for syrup?

Honey is the best maple syrup substitute. Honey is the closest match and will work with a 1:1 replacement. Golden syrup, like honey, may be used as a 1:1 equivalent for maple syrup…. Brown Sugar + Water…. White Sugar + Water…. Coconut Sugar + Water…. Golden Monkfruit + Water…. Stevia.

What can I substitute for chocolate syrup?

Feel free to substitute any other liquid sweetener as long as it is natural (artificial sweeteners are unhealthy and will not work in this recipe), but maple syrup is my favorite because of its flavor.

Why is there a shortage of Hershey’s chocolate syrup?

Why? According to Hershey, supply-chain interruptions caused by the epidemic and the conflict in Ukraine have depleted supplies of cocoa, edible oil, and other components.

How much syrup was in a can of Hershey’s chocolate syrup?

Not two, but three liquid cups. Since Hershey’s chocolate syrup is defined by weight rather than volume, a 16-ounce container of the syrup actually weighs 1 1

How much syrup was in a can of Hershey’s syrup?

The syrup in the can weights about 16 ounces.

Can you leave Hershey syrup out?


Once opened, we require customers to keep their HERSHEY’S Chocolate Syrup in the refrigerator to prolong the quality, shelf life, and freshness. We hope this is helpful, and that you have a wonderful day!

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